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We are highly experienced and affordable immigration solicitors dealing with UKVI matters.

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Our dedicated and reliably team of lawyers based in Birmingham can help you with Personal, and Business Immigration applications. Whether you wish to enter the UK temporarily (visit visa route) or want to permanently settle in, our SRA endorsed Birmingham-based Immigration experts are here to offer you the finest legal services over the range of immigration matters.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals and business professionals with their matters relating to UK immigration.


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Our Immigration Services in Birmingham

Our Birmingham office offers several personalised services based on the range of immigration matters. Our expert immigration lawyers can offer you a one-on-one advice session via telephonic/video call or in-person meeting arranged at your discretion within the schedule that suits you best. Our highly qualified and dedicated Immigration Specialists offer you a genuine promise with the guarantee that your application portfolio is organized per the Home Office standards with a reliable set of evidence that fosters your chances of getting visa approval. Depending on the individual circumstances, one of our assigned legal expert will initially review your case, jargon with you every step of the way from sourcing, gathering to the collation of a reliably right set of documentary proof, assess your eligibility criteria, your immigration status and advise you thoroughly about your application steps - what to do, how to do it, how to go about it and what should you do next.

When you connect with the Axis Birmingham Immigration team, we will make sure that your heads are well above the water from the frustration or daunting experience you otherwise would have gone through on your own when compiling and submitting your visa application. With this promise, our Birmingham branch offers legal advice and support on the various UK immigration visa categories:

  • Spouse, Fiancé and Family Visas
  • Visitor and Work Visas
  • British Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Business Immigration
  • Leave to remain (ILR)
  • Indefinite Leave to remain / Settlement

Why Hire Axis Immigration Solicitor in Birmingham?

The ever-changing UK immigration rules and regulations have made it a rather overwhelming and laborious journey for foreign immigrants to get instant visa approval from the Home Office. Frequent visits to even the local embassy centres could be a frustration for you with this fear of uncertainty that you might still lack a piece of sufficient evidence that could put your application for a subsequent refusal. This could be a painstaking experience especially when you are longing to start your work, or study or looking forward to meeting your loved ones in the UK at the earliest without any further delays railing along your way. To avoid the overwhelms of such a chaotic experience, the rationale step is always to pursue legal assistance before applying for any UK immigration visa category. This not only genuinely promises a successful application submission but also greatly improves your chances of a visa grant.

Under the different visa routes (study / business / work / family & partner visas), the eligibility requirements may vary greatly and you might be required to submit additional documentary proof. Failing to do would put your application in jeopardy of getting refused and overturned by the Home Office.

With years of experience under our belt, our team at Axis Solicitors Birmingham will thoroughly assist you from the beginning till the very end (guidance, submission and liasion with the Home office). We can put you at ease by the lifting off the tiring and otherwise precarious risks of getting visa refusals i.e. when you attach false/incomplete/incorrect evidence that doesn't meet the Home Office immigration policy.

Hiring our lawyers at the Birmingham office offers the following benefits:

  • Assessment of eligibility criteria per individual case/situation/circumstances before applying for any visa category — to minimise any risks of visa refusals based on insufficient evidence.
  • Timely execution of action plan — our highly trained Immigration specialists and years of in-house experience are honed with an exceptional efficiency to screen and probe for all the merits of your application to ensure that it meets the standards of the Home Office Policy.
  • All required documents along with a sound, well-founded cover letter to further boost the merits of your application portfolio per the Home Office Standards.

How can I identify the best Immigration Solicitors in the UK?

Generally speaking, many UK based immigration lawyers are renowned for their impeccable services in effectively dealing with a range of immigration matters. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to seek guidance and identify the best immigration experts based on their proven and unswervingly positive feedbacks from their respective clients. Before reaching out to chosen immigration expert, you should initially keep a track of two attributes viz.a sound success record a positive review from their respective clients and a high qualification profile. These are key identifiers when hiring a trustworthy and good immigration expert in the UK.

How can Birmingham-based Axis Solicitors help me with my application?

Our Axis Birmingham Solicitors deal with the range of immigration categories and subcategories and draft the visa applications per the Home Office eligibility requirements. Over the years, we have served many clients in their successful entry to the UK and subsequent rights to work, study, live and even permanently settle in with their loved ones. From simpler visa applications to the ever-complicated cases such as JR, Asylum/Humanitarian Protection Rights, our Birmingham based Legal experts are always here to offer you the best possible legal advice for your specific circumstances.

I don't reside in Birmingham. Can I still hire the Immigration Lawyer who is based in Birmingham?

Yes, you certainly can. You can hire us from anywhere across the world; even when you are living outside the UK. We offer virtual services — Zoom / Skype/ WhatsApp advice sessions / online support through social media networking, etc. So, if you are unable to visit our Birmingham office, you can still virtually avail our services with the same quality, efficiency and effectiveness as you could when visiting us in person in the UK.

I wish to pay a short-term visit to the UK. Do I still need Immigration lawyer assistance?

In principle, as with any immigration route, the UKVI policy is tightly regulated and is very strict when it comes to meeting the eligibility criteria under the UK visitor visa, even if you are planning to stay in the UK for a short while. So, if you wish to travel and enter the UK for a short-term visit i.e. 6-months stay, it is highly recommended that you pursue legal assistance from a Solicitor who holds significant experience in dealing and filing any immigration-related cases. This will not only assure a well-formulated application portfolio but a successful submission as any misinformation / lack of evidence would automatically lead to visa refusals. Our Birmingham based legal support team will offer you high-quality services covering all necessary aspects of your visa application. Get in touch with our Axis Birmingham Legal Specialists today.

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